9ct Gold Double Albert Watch Chain with Bloodstone and Carnelian Fob


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Description: - A vintage 9ct yellow gold graduating double albert watch chain, T-bar, with spinning bloodstone & carnelian fob. The chain is hallmarked Chester 1925, and the spinning fob is hallmarked Birmingham 1923.

Date: - 1923 - 1925.

Engraving: - N/A.

Measurement: - The watch chain measures approximately 14 3/8 inches (36.4 cm). The fob measures 1 inch (2.6cm) in length. The graduating chain links are 0.58cm at their widest point.

Weight: - The chain including fob weighs approximately 28.0 grams.

Condition: - This superb 9ct albert chain is in good vintage condition. The chain is stamped '9', '.375' on each of the links, dog clip, and t-bar. One chain link is hallmarked Chester 1925. The links display minor surface scratches, and wear commensurate with age. The spinning fob has a bloodstone to one side and a carnelian to the other. Both are in good condition displaying minor surface marks. The fob is hallmarked Birmingham 1923. Please see photographs for confirmation of condition.

Item No: - 1499/01-02.

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